About Me

A little bit more about me...

Aloha & welcome to the Primary Pool! I'm Cassie D. and I have been in the field of primary education for 5 years now. I started working with children as a preschool fitness coach teaching Physical Education, sports camps, ballet, cheer, and gymnastics. When I became a classroom teacher, my first experience was in Pre-Kindergarten at a private preschool. After that year, I made my way into public education as a First Grade teacher. I was with Firsties for 3 years and each year was completely different! I taught in an inclusion classroom the first year, self-contained the second, and departmentalized last year, during which I specialized in English Language Arts, Reading, and Writing. This school year, I went back to my first teaching love . . . Pre-K! From summer camps, to special education, to team-teaching, I have had a whirlwind of a career so far and experienced a LOT in the primary field!

Teaching isn't just a job for me; it's an adventure, a lifestyle, and my passion. My favorite part of teaching is getting to witness a student's love of learning grow. Watching a child explore & learn is the most inspiring thing! My philosophy is that learning should be fun, engaging, adventurous, creative, and full of excitement, like sunny days at the pool - lots of noise, laughter, and splashing around! Students learn when they create memorable experiences and make connections across all domains of their little lives: academic, social, and emotional. I just feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the first school experience for these littles! Early childhood development is fascinating & inspiring . . . my students teach me every day to be a life-long learner myself!  

When I'm not teaching or doing anything in that realm (copies, lesson plans, grading, entering data, contacting parents, answering emails, etc.) I am spending time at home with my husband, Hunter, and our two bengal cats, Pharaoh & Cleopatra. My husband & I love to eat, watch movies, and explore the world around us, whether it's a trip into town, spending quality time in nature, or on vacation! The more I enrich my life with experiences, the more I have to offer to my kiddos in the classroom.

Thanks for stopping by today! I welcome you to join me as I continue to wade through the waters of primary education!